Just Love Festival Vendor Registration

The Just Love Festival is fully VEGAN and does not support any animal cruelty. Vendors are NOT allowed to sell anything that contains animal products/byproducts. This includes any leather, suede, gelatin, rennet, and dairy products, etc.

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The Just Love Festival vendor registration is officially open. Find out what's new and which space is right for your business to shine at JLF 2020!

I am interested in:

We hereby apply for the STAND SPACE, as per Participating Terms.

Space type
9 m² (3x3)
1 table 220 x 50 + 2 chairs included

If needed select the number of:

* Prices are for 3 days all inclusive: space, furniture, electricity, waste, internet, space cleaning.

We use our own exhibition construction (stand). Please note that a visual difference to adjoining stands is necessary, through the specific decoration of the tent the seller is responsible for. The organiser reserves the right to check that the decorations are in keeping with the ambience and setting of the festival.

Info Space

We hereby apply for an INFO SPACE, as per Participating Terms.

Info Space type
Each info space is provided with 1x high round table, 80'', plus one chair. Rollup banners are allowed. Selling of any kind is NOT permitted at the info stand.

* Prices are for 3 days all inclusive: space, furniture, electricity, waste, internet, space cleaning.


We hereby apply for a WORKSHOP/LECTURE, as per Participating Terms.


Please note! Beamer (only at the lecture space), speakers and a microphone are part of the equipment on site and must not be brought with you. If additional technical aids such as flip chart, overhead projector, etc. are required, they have to be provided by the speakers or the workshop initiator.


Precise and full name of firm as entered in the commercial register and/or trades register.

Unlimited number of files can be uploaded to this field.
3 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg png svg.
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Exhibition plan

Just Love Festival Marketplace 2020
Holistic Village Just Love Festival 2020

Participating Terms

1. Event Title

Just Love Festival 2020

2. Venue

Shree Peetha Nilaya Ashram
Am Geisberg 1-6
65321 Heidenrod-Springen

3. The Vendor Marketplace is open for visitors at the following times

Friday, 04.09.2020
Vendors: 12.00 – 21.00 (earliest possible closing time)
Visitors: 12.00 – 21.00

Saturday, 05.09.2020
Vendors: 10.00 – 21.00 (earliest possible closing time)
Visitors: 10.00 – 21.00

Sunday, 06.09.2020
Vendors: 10.00 – 21.00 (earliest possible closing time)
Visitors: 10.00 – 20.00

Tent Setup

Thursday, 3.09.2020
from 8:00 to 20:00

4. Terms of payment

After registration, the Vendor participation is due by 01.08.2020.
In the case that your vendor application is accepted, the fixed rate needs to be paid latest by 15.08.2020 in order to reserve that space.
In the case of cancellation, 50% of the fixed rate must be paid up to 4 weeks before the start of the festival, after which 100% will be charged.

The Just Love Festival Organisers are not liable for damage or loss of property

5. Lecture and workshop spaces

The Yoga/Sadhana Space is equipped with mats. A headset is also available. These are the property of the festival organisation and must remain in the tent. All other aids are to be brought by the yoga teacher or the visitors themselves.  In the Lecture/Workshop Hall a beamer and headset is available. All other aids are to be brought by the lecturer.

6. Parking

There is the possibility of a free parking lot.

7. Construction and dismantling times

Thursday, 03.09.2020, from 8:00 to 20:00
The parking space in front of the tent are exclusively reserved for loading and unloading and the organiser.
Loading and unloading space is available all day Thursday 03.09.2020.

By Friday, 04.09.2020, at 12:00
If an exhibitor has not yet completed the construction at this time, the organiser will charge the financial loss caused by the delayed opening with 1,500 € + VAT. This is to be paid locally in cash, but no later than 5 days after the end of the festival on the account of the organiser.


Sunday, 06.09.2020, 22:00.

Dismantling before 22:00 is not permitted. The organiser reserves the right to charge a penalty of 1.500 € + VAT for infringements. The delivery zone is open on Sunday from 22:00.

Note: the loading zone is only accessible from the back of the ashram, NOT through the festival grounds.

Terms of Service

1. Organiser

Bhakti Event GmbH
Am Geisberg 1-6
65321 Heidenrod-Springen, DE
Tel: +49 6124 605 9000

Fax: +49 6124 727 6918

2. Space allocation and space change

With the admission, at the latest two weeks before the event, the organiser notifies the stand assigned to the exhibitor by enclosing a hall plan. The organiser is free in the allocation of space. This also applies if an express wish of the exhibitor is included in the registration. The organiser may change a space allocation if there are objective reasons for doing so, in particular in order to optimize the overall visual appearance of the festival. Likewise, the organiser is free to move the entrances to the venue or the passageways.

3. Construction

The construction can begin at the earliest on the set-up day and time specified above. All stands must be constructed up to the construction end (fixed date) mentioned above. Bhakti Event GmbH is entitled to dispose of stands that are not occupied at this time or otherwise, unless it is the fault of the organiser. If there are no exceptions at the expense of the organiser, he is entitled to charge the exhibitor a no-show penalty of 1,500 € + VAT.

4. Dismantling

The dismantling of the stalls may only begin on the last day of the festival after the end of the exhibition. In the case of violations, the organiser is entitled to charge the exhibitor a penalty of 1,500 € + VAT. The rental agreement for tenancy ends in principle with the end of the festival.

5. Advertising

The exhibitor is only allowed advertising of all kinds within his own stand and exclusively for the goods issued by him. Advertising and advertising outside the tents are not allowed. This includes in particular the distribution of brochures. When designing outdoor advertising, the technical guidelines of the organiser and the hall owner must be observed. Advertising measures that violate competition regulations, legal prohibitions or morality are not permitted. Advertising measures that are ideological or political in character or that annoy other exhibitors or trade festival visitors are also prohibited. Advertising material that violates this can be confiscated and secured by the organiser for the duration of the event. The toleration of advertising material by the organiser does not release the exhibitor from compliance with legal regulations.

6. Guarding

To maintain the general order, the organiser is responsible for guarding the exhibition grounds. An additional liability of the organiser or a cancellation of disclaimers will not be effected. The organiser is entitled to carry out the necessary control measures on every exhibition stand. The exhibitor is responsible for individual stand security.

7. Technical services

The costs for the installation of electric, water, gas and compressed air connections of the individual stands as well as the costs for consumption and all other services are charged separately to the exhibitors (main tenant of the stand). All installations up to the stand may only be carried out by specialised companies approved by the organiser. Within the stand, installations may also be carried out by other specialist companies to be named to the organiser. The organiser is entitled to control the installations, but not obliged. The exhibitor is liable for the damage caused by the installations. Connections, machines and equipment that are not approved, that do not comply with the relevant regulations or whose consumption is higher than reported can be removed at the expense of the exhibitor. For reasons of safety, exhibitors are prohibited from using the power connections of other exhibitors. The stand holder is liable for all damage caused by uncontrolled removal of energy. The organiser is not liable for losses and damages caused by disturbances of the energy supply.

8. Cleaning

The organiser takes care of the cleaning of the festival area. This will incur a fee, which is included in the additional costs of the stand fee. The cleaning of the stands is the responsibility of the exhibitor and must be completed daily before the start of the event. If the exhibitor does not have his own staff cleaned, only companies authorised by the organiser may commission the cleaning.

9. Exhibition insurance and disclaimer

The organiser is not liable for damage or loss of the exhibits or the stand facilities, for damage from fire, burglary theft, water damage or force majeure. The exhibitor is free to insure these risks at his own expense. In the interest of general order, however, all damages incurred by the exhibitor due to the above risks must be reported immediately by the exhibitor to the organiser, and in the case of criminal offences, by the police. However, the organiser is liable for any damage caused by gross negligence or intent on the part of the organiser or his vicarious agents as far as resulting direct damage is concerned.

10. Reservation

If the organiser can not or only partially or only at other times carry out the festival for reasons beyond his control, the exhibitor has no claim for damages. As far as the festival takes place is shortened, the stand rental will be reduced accordingly and the excess amount paid back. If the trade festival can not take place, the organiser reserves the right to retain up to 25% of the stand rental fee as a processing fee, unless the exhibitor proves only a considerably lower cost.

11. Right

The organiser exercises the right on the entire exhibition area for the construction, running and dismantling time of the event. The organiser is entitled to issue instructions.

12. Verbal agreements

All changes or additions to this contract must be made in writing to be effective.

13. Statute of limitations

All claims of the exhibitor against the organiser, irrespective of the legal grounds, become statute-barred within six months from the last official day of the festival.