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Seva JLF

Seva is a lifestyle, Seva is the joy of life, and Seva is a way to connect every moment to the Divine. It is about bringing people together and to share the beauty we have inside of us. Done properly, we can realise that Seva is in every breath of our lives; it is the essence of who we are.

The simple act of care, the simple act of love, and the power of Seva, are the key ingredients for change to happen in this world and in the whole universe.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda

What is included with the SEVA (volunteer) JUST LOVE PACKAGE? - €64

  • 3 days Just Love Festival Entrance
  • 4 nights in the Seva Village
  • Food and beverages
    • 03.09 - lunch and dinner
    • 04.09 - 06.09 - 2 meals per day (Voucher)
    • 07.09 - Breakfast and lunch

What do we expect from you?

Mental attitude:

  • Openness of doing Seva in any possible position
  • Responsibility for your Seva
  • Have fun!
  • Flexibility in fast changing circumstances
  • Teamwork


  • Physical fitness
  • Minimum 8 hours Seva per day, overtime is possible
  • 5 days of Seva availability
  • Being on time
  • Creating a Telegram app account (we will add you into a group for group communication)
  • Arrival one day before the Festival starts and one day after the Festival
  • Minimum 18 Years old
  • Valid European Insurance for Germany