The Just Love Festival has numerous activities going on in several venues on the festival grounds. To find out what is happening where, download the following schedules or stop by anytime to view the Festival Site Map (on the road between the Main Stage and the Food & Vendor Bazaar). There are also venue specific schedules posted outside of the Gurukul Tent, Yoga & Meditation Tent and the Children's Tent. 

For easy access be sure to download the following PDFs to have everything at your fingertips.

Full Schedule PDF

Daily Schedules PDF

Individual Schedules PDF


Music is being played in four locations: the Main Stage, the Bhajan Café (near the front entrance to The Ashram), the Light Hall (accessed through the ashram lobby), and the Bhutabhrteshwarnath Mandir. To check out the line-up, download the schedules above or take a look online. 

Music Online Schedule

Master Classes in the Gurukul Tent

All the Master Classes will be held in the Gurukul Tent which is accessed through the trees on the Ashram side of the road, just inside the Main Gate. Download the schedules above or check out our Master Classes online.

Master Classes Online Schedule

Yoga & Meditation

The Yoga & Meditation Garden is located on the backside of The Ashram. It is a little out of the way, but you'll be so glad you made the trip. To get there, follow the signs to walk around the back side of the temple to enter the garden. Download the schedules above for an overview of programs and check out the online page for additional details. 

Yoga & Meditation Online Schedule

Children's Tent & Playground

All the Children's Activities will take place in the Children's Tent & Playground. Follow the signs to the Children's area which is located in the big tent down the stairs to the left of the Temple entrance to The Ashram.

There are lots of activities going on all day and plenty of fun for kid's of all ages. If you are coming with your family, be sure and download the Children's Program Schedule above in addition to the overall schedules or take a look at what we have online. 

Family Fun Online Schedule