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Gurukul Tent - Just Love Festival

Master Classes in the Gurukul Tent

In ancient times students would go to a Gurukul for spiritual education. In Indian tradition, a ‘Guru’ is a teacher or master who can impart knowledge and act as a guide for students wishing to advance in the area of study. 

When we are conditioned to depend so much on our mind and when the mind is full of many things that separate us from truth, higher reality, Love and the Divine, then the same mind is the entry point to solve that conditioning.

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda

The Just Love Festival also has a Gurukul Tent. There you'll find a variety of Master Classes you won't want to miss. Cooking classes offer tasty samples, educational classes impart wisdom and ideas for how to bring spirituality into your daily life. 

Daily Schedule

Friday 15 June

Time Title
13:30 - 14:15 'Living a Peaceful Life' with Chidananda: Spirituality
15:00 - 15:45 Satsang with Swami Kurunandha (German) 
16:03 - 17:00 Satsang with Swami Paranthapa
18:00 - 18:45  Swami VishwaMadhavananda: Spirituality (German)

Saturday 16 June

Time Title
09:30 - 10:15 'Heart Opening Spirituality' with Swamini Mohini
13:45 - 14:15 Easy Raw Savoury with Gayane: Cooking
15:00 - 15:45 Satsang with Swami Revatikaanta

Sunday 17 June

Time Title
09:30 - 10:15 Satsang with Swami Aniruddha (German)
13:45 - 14:30  Divinely Raw Sweets with Niranjani: Cooking
15:00 - 15:45 Maharishi AyurVeda with Lothar Pirc: Ayruveda
16:15 - 17:00 Hot Cuisine with Gayane: Cooking

17:30 - 18:15

'Who am I?' with Swami Dhaanamjaya: Spirituality

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