Holi Festival of Colours

Holi is a celebration of love, a celebration of life, a celebration of joy. It is a joyful Indian Festival of Colour that brings an air of happiness to all. Holi is best known for its colour toss: a playful game glorifying the eternal love relationship between Radha (the lover) and Krishna (her Divine Beloved).

During this age-old Hindu tradition, powdered colours are light-heartedly tossed into the air and onto all the participants. The vivid pink, orange, blue, green and yellow powder dissolves our differences and makes everyone look the same. Being drenched in the colours of life helps us move beyond individual pride and realise the unity of our shared humanity.

Holi reminds us to be free from the restrictions that we put on ourselves and simply be in the moment. It is a time to forget concerns, let go of disputes and open to new beginnings.

Celebrate Holi with us at the Festival, as we come together in love and unity.

Just Love Festival - Holi
Just Love Festival - Holi
Just Love Festival - Holi
Just Love Festival - Holi
Just Love Festival - Holi
Just Love Festival - Holi
Just Love Festival - Holi
Just Love Festival - Holi

Frequently asked questions

When is the colour toss?

The Holi countdown starts at 5pm on Saturday, 13 July 2019. 3, 2, 1 let the colours fly and the party begin! 

Can we come just for the colour toss and Holi celebration?

Yes, but you will still need to buy a day pass for Saturday, but we promise you will want to stay and enjoy the festival till the end.

It's all about the colours

Our Holi Colour Packets are filled with the highest-grade cosmetic quality powder. They are non-flammable, eco-friendly, and EU certified as safe.

No outside colours

For safety reasons, ONLY Just Love Festival Holi Colour Packets may be used during the colour toss. They will be sold at the event. No other coloured powders are allowed on the grounds, if you bring them they will be confiscated. This is to ensure that only premium and non-abrasive colours are used during the Holi celebrations.


Holi powder is water-soluble and easily washable. However, your clothing may still have a slight stain after washing. In rare cases, the dye may affect blond, colour-treated or damaged hair. We assume no liability for any damage done to clothing or hair.

To minimize staining, vigorously shake off all the dry excess powder before stepping into the shower or washing your clothing. Sorry, but we do not have laundry facilities or shower facilities available for guests.

Purchase colour packets

Holi Colour Packets are available for purchase at the event, prior to the colour toss in several locations. The premium-grade Holi powder comes in groups of 5, 75-gram bags. 

  • 5-packets: 5 € 
  • 10-packets: 10 € 
  • 20-packets: 15 € - BEST BUY

Health advisory

If you are pregnant, asthmatic, have any kind of respiratory issues, or are allergic to cosmetics we advise you to avoid the colour toss and stay far away from the action. It is best to avoid wearing contact lens; but if you must, we recommend you wear goggles or sunglasses.

Spreading colours

Share the colours of life by tossing them up in the air or sprinkling them on those around you. It is best to ask for permission before you touch another person and to honour their response. Even though the colours are safe, please do not throw them directly into someone’s eyes, nose or mouth.

Dress code

There is no specific dress-code, just know that whatever you wear to the colour toss will be multi-coloured when it is over, so please plan your clothing accordingly. It is probably best to wear older clothing or items set aside for the event, as it is possible they will be forever tinted with colour.

Bright and light colours give more opportunity to see the colours in their full vibrancy. However, they are also more likely to show a residue of colour after washing.

After the colour toss

We do not offer any storage facilities for your soiled clothing, so please bring a bag to carry your coloured clothes home and maybe a towel to sit on for your drive home.

T-shirts and bandanas for sale

We will have a selection of T-shirts, sunglasses and bandanas available for sale at the event. It is a perfect way to avoid damage to your other clothing and commemorate your Just Love Festival experience.

Food and drinks

There are a number of vegetarian and vegan food vendors at the festival. Everything we serve is fresh, homemade and delicious. Last year’s treats included: exotic fruit smoothies, fresh-baked pizza, baked potatoes, grilled corn, Indian delights, hot chai, ice cream, and more!

We also have an incredible selection of sweets and coffee drinks at our international outdoor Bhajan Café.

No drugs and alcohol

Drugs, alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited on the festival grounds. There is a designated smoking area in the parking lot outside the entrance to the festival grounds.


You are more than welcome to take videos and photographs of the festival and the Holi celebration, all we ask is that you credit the material and the Just Love Festival by letting people know where it happened, this is so more people can come and enjoy the fun.


Please monitor your children at all times during the festival, especially during the colour celebration. Please keep children out of the middle of the colour celebration action as it may be too intense for them and difficult to breathe due to their proximity to the ground. It is far safer for them to be on an adult’s shoulders and on the outside edge of the group. You may also want to provide them with protection for their eyes, nose and mouth. Please make it clear to them to not to throw colours in anyone’s face.


Festival organisers do not assume any liability for damage to clothing, hair, or personal items.

The Just Love Festival stands for equality and tolerance, we welcome visitors of all ages and origins.

Please do not bring umbrellas or anything else that will interfere with others during the Holi celebration.