Holistic Services

Bach Flowers

Bach Flower Remedies offer a gentle healing therapy that restores the balance between mind and body, allowing peace and well-being to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself.

Aura Reading

Aura Reading is a technique that reads a person’s vital energy field called the ‘aura’. The aura can indicate the causes of a person’s challenges, including mental, emotional and/or physical issues.

Tuning Fork Therapy

Tuning Fork Therapy is a vibrational sound, non-invasive therapy which uses DNA frequencies to help re-balance the energy of a person's body.


Reflexology is a manual practice that aims to stimulate, through massage or touch, areas of the body called reflex points. The process acts on the system by activating the self-correction and healing that exists in each of us.

A&O Beds

Experience the healing qualities of the Alpha & Omega Lounger. Sessions can be booked on site in the Holistic Tea Room.

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Alpha Omega Water Healing
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Sri Yantra Painting
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Thousands of years ago the sages of India developed Ayurveda. Ayurveda continues to be one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems designed to help people stay vibrant and healthy, while realising their full human potential.

Energy Healing: Quantum-Touch Healing

Quantum-Touch (QT) is a natural healing modality that energetically helps to rebalance the body and its systems. As energy levels and body vibrations rise, healing occurs naturally; pain is reduced or completely eliminated. Healing offers patients the opportunity for understanding their own bodies better and to realise their own hidden self-healing capacity.

TouchLife Massage: Mindful touch for body, mind and spirit

A team of certified TouchLife practitioners are here for you. YOU decide what's needed! Which part of your body is asking for attention? Back, legs, arms, shoulders, face? What kind of massage does it need? You can either receive a treatment with oil directly on your skin (on a massage table with privacy in our  Relaxation Tent) or you can rest comfortably fully-dressed on a massage chair to receive your treatment. We offer 15, 20, 40 or 60-minute sessions.

Oligo Scan Machine: Naturopathic Treatment

OligoScan is based on spectroscopy, a non-invasive method that allows the accurate and meticulous verification of the bio-availability of minerals, trace elements and heavy metals in the body tissue.

Sri Yantra Painting

A yantra is an energetic instrument for our spiritual progress. By coupling affirmations with meditative painting, you can experience the first steps towards working with this most sacred form.