Tent Camping 2020

Tent Camping at the JLF is a fun and economical way to enjoy the festival. You can bring your own tent or rent one from us for a small additional fee. 

As an added bonus, the Tent Camping per person price includes entrance into the JLF Festival and access to the campground showers and toilets nearby.

Just Love Festival - Accommodation

Just Love Festival Campground 

The JLF Campgrounds are located on the festival premises a short walk from all the action. The campground will be open from 25 - 29 June to accommodate all Ashram events. Pricing is per person and includes entrance into the Just Love Festival. 


  • Campground: 
    • Opens: 14:00 on Thursday, 25 June
    • Closes: 12:00 on Monday, 29 June
  • Quiet hours:
    • 11pm - 7am daily

Distance to activities

  • Everything at the festival is a short walk from the JLF Campground: 
    • 20 second walk to showers and toilets 
    • 1-minute walk to car parking 
    • 2-minute walk to the festival grounds
    • 3-minute walk to the Food Court inside the festival 


  • Purchasing a camping ticket is required to reserve a camping space at the JLF
  • Tent Camping spaces are limited and we do not guarantee space for walk-ins over the festival weekend
  • You will receive a confirmation email upon registration 
    • Be sure to bring your email confirmation with you to the festival 
    • Confirmations will be scanned upon arrival to verify your booking
    • If you do not have your proof of booking, you will not be allowed to camp

Showers and toilets

  • Men and women shower and toilet facilities are separated for privacy and convenience
  • Be sure to bring your own supplies:
    • Towel
    • Soap
    • Toiletries, etc.

Please come prepared!

  • Please check the weather forecast before coming and prepare accordingly, including rain gear, warm clothing, etc.
  • You will need to bring your own camping gear:
    • Tent (unless you rent one from us)
    • Sleeping bag, bedding, pillow, etc.
    • Torch/flashlight
    • Water bottle, bug repellent, toiletries, etc.
    • Please be prepared for ALL weather, especially rain

Camping rules

  • NO pets allowed
  • NO open fire or cooking is allowed at the campsite
  • NO smoking, drinking or drugs are permitted at the campsite or at the festival
  • NO camping outside of the campground
    • As per German law, you are NOT allowed to camp anywhere other than the provided camping areas
    • You will be asked to dismantle your campsite if you camp anywhere outside of the designated area
  • The Festival is eco-friendly, please help us be kind to Mother Earth and always use the appropriate bins for recycling and trash

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