Taste the Love

The Just Love Festival serves home-grown, home-made goodness to support body, mind and soul. Everything we do is done with love, whether it is tending our extensive gardens, caring for our happy bees and cows, or the mindful preparation of our delicious vegetarian and vegan meals. You’ll surely taste the love in every bite!

Dining Options

We offer a variety of dining experiences at the Festival. Vegan and vegetarian chefs from around the world bring exciting flavours to the Festival dining experience.

Bhajan Café

Hang out in our exotic patio Bhajan Café. Whether you are meeting a friend or just taking a break from the action, you can enjoy handmade pastries, savoury snacks, frothy coffee drinks, and to-live-for raw desserts.

Chai Walla 

Tucked away in the food court, you'll find a real gem, the Chai Walla. Just like in the streets of India, the Chai Walla offers our signature chai. You'll find it hot, spicy and oh so delicious. We also offer specialty ice creams, especially great on those hot days.

Beach Bar

Located on a sandy beach in the middle of the food court, the Beach Bar is a perfect place to kick off your shoes and squish your toes in the sand while you sip a cool, refreshment made with liquid sunshine. There you'll find our famous Beach Bar Baristas mixing up some of the most amazing fresh fruit smoothies north of the tropics.

Sunshine Smoothie Cart 

For a mid-day pick-me-up, you can find the same delicious fresh fruit juices and smoothies from the Beach Bar served at the Sunshine Smoothie Cart. The Cart is parked out back, near the Yoga Hut.

Flavour-Full Food Court

In the centre of the Bazaar, you'll find a number of exciting food choices. From inspired vegan Buddha Bowls to a complete vegetarian grill, the Festival Food Court is packed with culinary creations to indulge the senses and feed the body: piping hot pizzas, Mauritian medleys, baked potatoes and so much more.

NEW! Ice Cream Café

How didn’t we know that you all like ice cream so much??? New at the festival is our ice cream café serving the best vegan ice cream around! With orange basil to kiwi to coconut, there is literally a flavor for everyone.

Just Love Festival - Taste
Just Love Festival - Taste
Just Love Festival - Taste
Just Love Festival - Taste
Just Love Festival - Taste
Just Love Festival - Taste
Just Love Festival - Taste
Just Love Festival - Taste


The Just Love Festival is committed to sustainability wherever possible. Because we care deeply for Mother Earth, we use eco-friendly, bio-degradable, plates, cutlery and serviettes. We also do our best to support vendors who share these beliefs.

In 2017, we discovered a wonderful product from Twin Enterprises. The Indian company is run by twin brothers who have a passion for life and have made a conscious decision to not let their cerebral palsy interfere with their ability to be contributing members of society. They manufacture partyware made out of eco-friendly, bio-degradable, bahunia leaf plates. We loved the plates so much we stocked up again for this year’s festival.

Our extensive organic fruit and veggie gardens provide most of the fruits and vegetables needed to sustain our ever-expanding vegetarian community. When we do need to purchase outside items, we choose Fairtrade products whenever possible.

We do our best to minimise the impact on our landfills, so recycling is a priority at the Festival. We provide numerous recycle bins throughout the Festival and campgrounds. Please use them and help us care for Mother Earth.

Conscious Eating

We subscribe to a life-affirming philosophy which includes maintaining a healthy vegan/vegetarian diet. Making conscious decisions to support your body, mind and soul means making positive choices about how you nurture your body, what you feed your mind and how you live in the world.

Love Animals

First and foremost, we see animals as living beings who give birth, nurture their young, and can feel pain and pleasure. Therefore, we believe animals deserve our respect, love and protection, rather than turning them into a meal.

We subscribe to a ‘happy cow’ philosophy, which means cows who are able to roam free in their pasture, are not unjustly confined when eating or being milked, and are never killed after their milk production has ceased due to age. These happy animals live out their natural lifespan being cared for as honoured and respected members of the family.

We Are What We Eat

We believe that the food people eat has an effect on their mind and actions. The fear, pain and cruelty an animal suffers throughout its life is stored in the cells of its body and no amount of cooking can erase the affects. The residue of this cruelty reacts on the mind of those who eat its flesh and shows up in the aggressive way they relate to the world.

Calm Mind

On a physiological level, eating a plant-based diet naturally calms the mind and promotes a peaceful outlook towards life. Having a calm, peaceful outlook allows one to more effectively manage daily stress and seek out positive solutions to problems. Making more conscious choices has positive effects on others as well. So, switching to a vegan diet, or a 'happy cow' vegetarian diet, can be one of the simplest and easiest ways to instil more peace in the world.

Deeper Meditation

From a spiritual perspective, maintaining a vegetarian diet improves concentration which is essential for an effective sadhana (spiritual practice). The deeper you can go into your meditation practice, the richer your experience of the Divine becomes.

Save the Planet

On a global scale, becoming vegan is better for the environment, since it saves water and protects the rainforest and wildlife too. So, no matter how you look at it, it just makes so much sense and offers a win-win-win solution for all.

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