Just Love Festival Mission

The Just Love Festival’s core mission is to show people that having a relationship with the Divine can be simple and fun.

A relationship with the Divine is the key to all that we do in our lives, yet it is simple to live and leads to an inner awareness and deep consciousness that transforms us into the best that we can be.

Just Love Festival - People

At the Just Love Festival, we focus on a few simple ways to allow this relationship to flourish:

  • Love is the Cause
  • Love is the Path
  • Love is the Result

Love is the Journey

Make the Journey with us.

Enjoy Music

To sing and hear the name of the Divine opens our hearts and allows the love that we are at our core to rise up into our consciousness allowing the truth of our souls to manifest in our daily lives.

Practice Yoga

The practice of yoga is more than attending a yoga class, it is about transformation, moving from the mind consciousness to soul consciousness.

Eating Well

To truly become compassion, we need to mirror this in our diets, that is why the Just Love Festival offers a range of Vegetarian / Vegan foods, allowing us to truly understand this impact has on the environment and ourselves.

Be Eco-Friendly

The Just Love Festival strives to be kind to the earth minimising the stress she is under in all aspects, vegetarian / vegan food, conscious recycling of waste material, organic produce from the garden and sourced from suppliers.

Show Case Art

The Just Love Festival is a place where art is understood as a deep meditation, a way of expression from the soul that we treasure and showcase.