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Music that Opens Your Heart - Live in Switzerland

The Awakening Love Festival will also take place in 2019! And it will be a real festival! On 2 stages you will enjoy great music, you will be able to sing along, dance, get to know and try out different yoga techniques, take part in an OM Chanting, absorb satsangs from spiritual teachers, make a personal puja and eat vegetarian delicacies from all over the world. Immerse yourself in the happiest festival in Switzerland, which is guaranteed to open your heart.

Castle Stage

Kirtans and Bhajans are a form of musical devotion. As the singers and the audience interact, the powerful vibration of the Divine Names opens the hearts. From classical Indian sounds to rock beats, everything revolves around love, your love for the Divine. Enjoy the music, sing along, dance along and just be happy!

Forest stage

Yoga for kids

Our little ones can also try their hand at yoga with exercises specially designed for them. It will help them to strengthen their ability to concentrate and to achieve more balance.

Just Love Festival - People


Learn more about different meditation techniques like: Atma Kriya Yoga, Simply Meditation or the project Mantra. Soon you will be able to calm your mind and experience silence and love.

OM Chanting

Join OM Chanting, a group practice that uses the transforming power of OM to activate the participants' self-healing potential. OM Chanting transforms negative into positive energy and brings peace to the world.

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Babaji Surya Namaskar

Learn Babaji's Surya Namaskar, the original form of sun salutation. Or let your energies flow in a Hatha Yoga class.

Spiritual Dance

Srishestra Dance Academy from Zurich will take us to another world with their dances. But there is also the possibility to become active in a dance workshop to spiritual music from all over the world.


Expand your spiritual knowledge in a Satsang with a spiritual teacher and dive deeper into the secrets of life, soul and being.

Special Guest: Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda is a living, enlightened, God-realised Master whose true nature is transcendent, beyond all limits. He is here to remind us all of the love of God and to show us how to experience and enjoy a uniquely personal relationship with God through bhakti, love and devotion to the Divine.


Vegan Food

There are vegan delicacies from Mauritius and India, sandwiches, sweets and soft drinks. All homemade, of course!


Enjoy a relaxing massage with the team of Garuda massages from Thun


Experience the healing qualities of the Alpha & Omega lounger. Sessions can be booked on site. And there's plenty of information too.

Sri Yantra Painting

A Yantra is an energetic instrument for our spiritual progress. With an affirmation meditation you can experience first steps towards this most sacred form.


At the different stands you can shop as much as you feel like.


Have a personal pooja made for you. A blessing of a very special kind!

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Meet like-minded people from the region, from all over Switzerland and beyond! At the Awakening Love Festival there are people from all walks of life, all faiths and all age groups. Whether young or old - everyone is welcome to celebrate, sing, dance or just be together!

Hünegg Castle

The Awakening Love Festival takes place in the park of Hünegg Castle. From the main stage directly next to the castle you can enjoy a magnificent view of Lake Thun, the foothills and high Alps, framed by bushes and high-stemmed trees, which grow luxuriantly in the mild..

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Behind the "awakening love open air" is Bhakti Marga Switzerland. We are the spiritual organization of Paramahamsa Vishwananda. If you want to know more about us....

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